The Ada County Sheriff's Department have locked up a 15-year-old girl after catching her in a high speed-chase in Boise.


Because she is a minor her name will not be released but we do know she was being chased in a stolen pick-up truck this morning around 4 o'clock when police tried to pull her over for speeding on Overland Road.


The young girl took off when cops turned their lights on running a red light at 5 Mile Road and driving over 100 miles per hour.  She turned north on Eagle Road and then lost control around Franklin where she crashed into a field.  She was able to get the truck out of the field and speed up again to 100 miles per hour or more.


Everything finally came to an end when she turned south on 10 Mile Road and deputies forced her to drive over spike strips they laid out.  The teenager tried to continue with the blown out tires but the vehicle stopped around Amity Road.  When the deputies approached the vehicle they found four other girls inside ranging from 9 to 15 years old.  All 5 girls are in police custody.