With all of this crazy weather we've been having for weeks the biggest concern right now is flooding. Here's how you can locate your storm drains and get free sand bags!


Keeping the storm drains clear in your neighborhood is key in preventing flooding as temperatures rise and all of this snow melts.


Luckily ACHD has made it easy. Just click on the map below to find the storm drains in your area and then do your part to keep them clear of ice and snow.



ADA County is also handing out FREE Sandbags at the following locations. The only stipulation according to KTVB is that you have to bring your own shovel and fill the bag yourself. There is a limit of 10 bags per household, but you can find them at...

  • Expo Idaho in Garden City (available sunrise to sunset on the west parking lot.)
  • Barber Park in Boise from sunrise to sunset
  • Meridian Public Safety Training Center 1223 East Watertower Lane in Meridian
  • Kuna Fire Station #1: 150 W. Boise Street in Kuna
  • Eagle Fire Station #1: 966 Iron Eagle Dr. in Eagle