More than a handful of celebrities call Idaho home, but this superstar is bringing home more bacon than anyone else!


Demi Moore lives in the Sun Valley area, Patti Duke lived in Coeur d'Alene before her passing, and then we have a star who grew up here and will always call Idaho home.


You guessed it...


Aaron Paul


is officially the "Richest Celebrity in Idaho!"


It's been so fun watching Aaron's career grow over the last few years. He was just honored in graffiti down Boise's famed "Freak Alley" and we just found out that he and his gorgeous wife Lauren are going to become parents for the first time!


According to our "Breaking Bad" star is now worth a cool $16 million. He and Lauren still own a home here in Boise that they rent on Airbnb for $395/night.


Once again Aaron Paul, you make Boise and the entire state of Idaho super proud!