Looks like perhaps one of the most talked about issues in the world right now is starting to hit home right here in Idaho.  A new bill has been introduced in which so-called "'sanctuary cities" would lose taxpayer money if they disregard enforcing federal immigration laws.  This law would apply to any Idaho city or county that adopts such "sanctuary city" type policies.

This of course is an extremely hot button topic at the moment being that it comes just days after President Trump signed an executive order cutting off federal funding to sanctuary cities.  This along with other immigration policies being enforced by the Trump administration has sparked protests around the world including at the Boise Airport over the weekend.  Certain cities such as New York and Chicago have formally put sanctuary city policies in place.  Currently however, no city in Idaho has.

According to Republican Rep. Greg Chaney of Caldwell, the bill would not permit arrests or rounding up of suspects merely for violations involving immigration policies.  When the House State Affairs Committee introduced the bill Monday, only one Democratic lawmaker casted a nay vote.  The next step is that the bill must clear a full legislative hearing.

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