This Nampa man got in a fight with police this morning and his black eye and the cut across his nose are the result! Here's what happened. 

39 year old Jerrod Devaney was punched in the face several times by Meridian Police after he grabbed an officers gun and wouldn't let go.

Officers were called to the scene of the Sandman Motel after reports of a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot at 1:20 a.m.

According to KTVB, Devaney gave police a fake name and tried to run away, but when an officer caught up to Jerrod he tried to get the cops gun and that's when a real struggle ensued.

Two other officers tried to help their brother out by punching Devaney in the face. At one point he even tried to pull out a gun he had hidden in his own waistband.

In the end, the cops were able to arrest Jerrod and he is now facing charges of attempting to remove a firearm from an officer, battery on an officer, drug possession, and unlawful possession of a weapon. Jerrod was also violating parole and he has several misdemeanors against him.

Let this be a lesson, don't ever mess with our cops!