Over $150,00,000 has been authorized to spend on that narrow stretch of I-84 in the Nampa area.  So when does this happen, how long will it take, and what will it look like?


This $150,000,000 was unanimously approved by the transportation board which means, they know this freeway is a problem and that problem needs to get fixed asap.  This $150,000,000 will be borrowed and paid back within the next twenty years.


The Idaho Transportation Department will widen lanes between Karcher Road and Franklin Road, upgrade bridges, and add a lane in both directions.


This project will help reduce congestion, improve safety, and improve the local economy in that area.  With better flowing traffic, more people will be willing to stop for a burger, shopping, or recreational outlets that have suffered because of the narrow freeway.


The planning stages have already begun but no word on when the actual construction will begin.