Do you know how much your fiance/hubby spent on your engagement ring? Did you ask? Does it even matter? Well now we kinda have an idea on how much Idahoans are spending when they ask their special someone to spend the rest of their life with them. Before we get to that amount, can you believe that-on average-American's are spending about $6,351 on those beautiful sparkly rings. Yeah, according to Business Insider, it's a darn expensive purchase.

Those is Utah are spending the least. An average of $3,518 for an engagement ring. Which, in my opinion, is SO MUCH! I mean, aren't there really nice rings out there for much, much less? Or may I've just never really done any research and you guys are sayin "duh, Zizly, this is normal." YIKES. And it get even higher as we get through the list. Californians spend on average...wait for it...$10,241. That's a down payment for a house!!!! Holy moly.

So how did Idahoans fare? Right in the middle of the pack, spending about $6,790 on average. I think the important thing to remember here is that it's not about how much an engagement ring costs, but how much the couple loves each other!