According to KTVB, a new study shows that "40 % of BSU students are-or have been-food insecure." I don't know about you, but that statistic is very surprising.

Luckily, there are students on campus that want to do something about that. The Associated Students of Boise State have started a fundraiser to help those students in need.

With the money raised, they're planning to set up food cupboards across campus to

" allow students to have access to this food no matter where they might be on campus [..] fully stocked with nutritious meal options and grab-n-go snacks [with an] instruction card and can be prepared and ready to eat in under ten minutes and you would only need a microwave or hot plate."

They're already half way to their $5,000 goal, if you want to help out, click on the button below to donate.