This is one of my worst fears as a parent. You want to feel like your kids are safe at school, but when something like this happens it makes you a little nervous every time you send them out the door. 


Yesterday, two junior high students within the ADA County School District made violent threats against an unnamed junior high school in the area.


The details are very sketchy, but according to KTVB, the students are now being held in the ADA County Juvenile Detention Center.


What we do know are that the threats were made on social media, which seems to be the most common place for threats and bullying these days. (Just another major motherly concern! Having kids involved in a world where its so easy to speak your mind, be rude, or even make threats is super scary.)


Luckily the Boise Police Department were on this as soon as it was reported Friday morning and nothing violent ended up happening.


The police did a thorough search of the school and didn't find any weapons. The students of course claim they had no plans to follow through with the threats, but I think it's appropriate they are in detention because our kids have to learn you can't make threats even if you have no real plans to break the law or cause harm.


Threatening violence on school grounds is a misdemeanor charge and the Boise Police say they do not believe there is an ongoing threat to the school.