The battery-powered scooters taking Boise, Idaho by storm seems like a great idea and maybe, for the most part, it is but there's one glaring question that the people of Boise are asking.  Can I get a DUI when riding the scooter?  The answer is... YES.

There are all sorts of scenarios people have been running through their heads when it comes to the benefits of grabbing one of these scooters and taking it for a ride.  Boise State University students may feel like this is a much safer alternative to drinking and driving when there's a big game in town.  Uber will cost you about five times more than grabbing a scooter and taking off.  Parties, bars, restaurants, and the endless list of possible drinking spots that blanket our city and now people have a new way, a different, unique, interesting way of getting from Point A to Point B.  Or do they?

These scooters max out at approximately 15 mph.  That doesn't seem so fast but jump on a scooter and fly down Broadway at 15 mph and you'll realize it's plenty fast enough to do some major damage.

Meridian, Idaho unleashed these scooters first about two weeks ago and Chief Tracy Basterrechea of the Meridian Police Department made it very clear saying...

You will absolutely get a D.U.I. for drinking and driving and there is certainly potential for you to be injured very seriously on one of those.

You also cannot have an open container while driving.  If you're holding a half of a bottle of Jack Daniels cruising down 8th Street on your way to your favorite pizza joint... get ready to go to jail.  Police are saying NO, NO, NO.  Use common sense and be forwarned.  You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

So now that we have that all cleared up.  Have at it.  Get out there and ride your little fannies off.  Have fun enjoying the newest craze here in Boise and please be safe.  :)