The family is hoping you can help them find the person responsible.

On Saturday, July 22, Matt Wise was working as a bartender at Vern's Tavern in Caldwell when -according to the Facebook post of a family member- someone "SMASHED a glass on his face, barely missing his eye but still causing significant facial damage, as well as a lost tooth and three broken teeth".

According to the same Facebook post published on Sunday, the suspect is describes as a man "in his early 30s, short, and Hispanic with another man and girl, driving a new silver Cadillac with Gem County plates- 1G."

If you, or someone you know was at the bar the night of the incident...or have information about the suspect, please contact the police.

While Wise recovers, he will be out of his family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with essentials while he gets better.