Fall is almost in the air! If you want to do a little ghost hunting around Halloween here are 5 places you may see a ghost in the Treasure Valley.

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  • 1

    Pete's Tavern

    11 12th Ave S - Nampa

    Whispers, light touches, and unexplained cold spots have all been found for years hanging out at Pete's Tavern.

  • 2

    Idanha Hotel

    928 W Main St, - Boise

    Built in 1900, several ghosts are said to occupy the Idanha Hotel in Boise and the elevators apparently start and stop randomly.

  • 3

    Gotts Point

    Lake Lowell

    Back in the 1970's a young girl drowned in a water skiing accident at Lake Lowell. Since then there have been several sightings of this girl looking out at the water from the shore.

  • 4

    Egyptian Theater

    700 W. Main Street - Boise

    It's been around since 1927, so the theater has quite the history. Ghostly sightings include a man named Joe who used to work at the Egyptian and a woman dressed in classic 1920's attire who is often blamed for a strange smell.

  • 5

    Canyon Hill Cemetery

    2024 N Illinois Ave. - Caldwell

    There have been sightings of a ghost jogger here and an old lady ghost that sits on a bench at night! For more details on the creepy encounters click HERE.