Anyone who's been here for a bit has been in at least two of these places, and maybe all five.  Bet you had no idea how dangerous they are.

5.     Perrine Bridge - Twin Falls


Its one of the few places in the United States where base jumping is legal.  Remember 34-year-old Kristin Czyz who died last year when there was a small hole in her chute.  This the longest bridge in Idaho which covers the entire canyon in the county.  Its also the tallest bridge in the state which, unfortunately attracts suicide jumpers.  That along with all the tourist and traffic sometimes adds up to a dangerous place to be.


4.     Lolo Pass - Highway 12


One of the hairiest, long, steep, winding, dangerous roads you can take.  Some areas of Lolo Pass have no guard rails and if you look over the side, it may make you a little dizzy.  I just don't look.  Freaks me out too much.  There's sharp turns that come out of nowhere and that's where people not paying attention end up falling to their death.


3.     Highway 34 to Grace

David Bailey/Flickr

They don't call this stretch of highway "Vehicular Mayhem" for nothing.  The biggest danger here is very different than what we see with #4's Lolo Pass.  Highway 34 is an obstacle course of wild animals.  If you've ever seen what a deer or elk does to a car... you know what I'm talking about.  Grazing seasons are the worst.  Stay alert and drive during the day if possible for better visibility.


2.     Boise River Greenbelt


Currently this place is probably at #1 but throughout the years, if you average everything out, you have to put at #2.  The dangerous conditions of the Boise River with how high and fast it is after all that snow and weather we've had over the past few months is treacherous.  The flooding has made some ares of the greenbelt unrecognizable.


Aside of mother nature attacking our beautiful little path through the city lately, this place can be dangerous at night.  Our local law enforcement does a great job of patrolling the greenbelt but multiple assault reports continue to pile in year after year.


1.     Blue Lake Blvd - Twin Falls

Google Maps

Over 35,000 cars a day travel down this street and a lot of them are out of towners who are not familiar with the area or just aren't paying attention.  People headed to Jackpot or sight seeing at Shoshone Falls and Perrine Bridge travel this road.  This is the #1 most accident prone area in the entire state of Idaho.