We have four fires going now in our beautiful state.  One was human caused and the other three were started by lightning.

The Martin Canyon Fire near Bellevue was started by someone target shooting.  It's burned more than 4,000 acres and should be fully contained by tomorrow night.

Lightning was the cause of the small but powerful Lagoon Fire near Shoshone that ended up pushing people out of their homes in a mandatory evacuation.  Thanks to good men and women and volunteers, this fire is under control.

Two more fires started by lightning are the Chaulky Fire which is just northwest of Murphy and the Murphy Flat Fire which is just southwest of Murphy.  The Chaulky Fire was a small one burning just about 50 acres and is already controlled.  The Murphy Flat Fire's burned more than 500 acres now and is 35% contained.

We just want to thank all our firefighters, volunteers, and all other services that work so hard in these scorching temperatures to keep things safe and under control.  Thank you for what you do.