According to KTVB an 11-year old kid in Nampa, Idaho was showing off a rifle that was left unattended while his parents weren't home.  Thinking the rifle was not loaded, he pulled the trigger and that's when a bullet came flying out into the bedroom of his neighbor's house.  The bullet went through walls, drywall, and anything in it's way fortunately not hitting anyone.  His neighbors, a woman named Kristy Scott and her 13-year-old son and two 7-year-old twins happened to not be home at the time of the shooting.

Scott said...

My children could have been in my room or I could have been in my room and where the bullet entered was right above my bed so if we were standing in my bedroom. Any number of scenarios could have taken place

The Nampa Police Department are hoping this situation reminds and educates people, especially parents to lock up their guns.  There was no evil intended here, nothing sinister or bad, just an 11-year-old kid showing off a bit, trying to be cool.  It is 100% the parent's responsibility to not only educate their children but to take any and all precautions to make sure these types of situations don't happen.

The 11-year-old boy has been charged with a misdemeanor of unlawful discharge of a firearm within city limits.