According to a retired lawmaker, a naked man was detained on an Alaska Airlines flight. Why was he nude? We have theories.

We don't know much, but here's what we've got. Monday night, a man was seen running from the front of the plane to the back yelling, on a flight from Seattle to Anchorage. Sources say the man was nude, was taken into custody, and the flight landed without issue. Upon landing, the man was transported to a local hospital.

So, why was he naked? It's uncommon for one to be sans clothes on a flight, so what gives? Here's what we think:


It Was Really Hot


Planes are always hot. Those crappy little fans above your head only seem to blow hot air right into your eyeballs, so disrobing actually makes sense here.



He's A Body Builder


Perhaps the man was on the way to a fitness competition and he simply wanted to show off his stunning physique? Probably not the right place to do it, but it would explain a lot.





What else could cause a man to strip down to his birthday suit and scream bloody murder? Alien mind control. No word yet on if the suspect was probed or not.