A 7-year-old girl's wish granted on the streets of Fruitland just before she takes her last breath.


Alanna Schiffhauer is nearing the end of her long battle with cancer and she had just one wish before passing on.  Motorcycles!  Yep, lots of motorcycles.  She wanted to see lots of motorcycles and that's where Monty Wickersham who owns Mad Motorcycles in Nampa came in.


Wickersham took to facebook calling on anyone and everyone that rides to join in.  Join in making a special 7-year-old girl's dream come true.  The facebook message was shared hundreds of times and bikers from every part of Idaho came together for one special ride.


What started with about 50 or 60 bikes ended up being hundreds as more and more bikers joined in while the pack headed for Alanna's house.  Once they got their they rode by, roaring those engines, waving and smiling as Alanna and her family sat outside watching something that looked like it was straight out of a movie.


There wasn't a dry eye that day on Alanna's street in Fruitland.  An emotional miracle that made one 7-year-old girl happy even in the darkest of times.  Alanna's mother wants to thank each and every biker that took time to make this miracle happen.  She also thanked her entire community with this letter...

Please do let the public know Dale and I have kept our faith and positive spirits by not only watching her fight, but also the way she has touched the lives of so many others. She pioneered the antibody program at St Luke's so other kids won't have to leave the state for bone marrow transplants and other types of immunotherapy. We've learned that hospice isn't tailored for individualized care, especially for children, so that's another project Alanna will leave for me so that her legacy lives on and most of all other children get the care and support needed and deserved in such a tragic time. But in my heart I truly believe her legacy is really to promote kindness, believe in miracles, and always be a loving and supportive member of your communities. From Boise's Got Faith, St Luke's staff, the Idaho Steelheads, the KTVB news crews, special employees from Idaho Power, the whole Fruitland School District (and just every awesome member of our town and county), KTSY, the Argus Observer, Snake River Corrections, Shutterhappy Photography, Camp Rainbow Gold, BSU, all of our local fire departments, and so many other loving and giving members and businesses of the Treasure Valley .....THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU! The Schiffhauer family is truly humbled and gracious for the love we've been shown."