There's been a lot of this kind of negative attention nationwide lately and now it's going to be in our backyard.


They're called The Northwest Hammerskins which is part of the Hammerskins Nation.  Flyers have been going out about a concert they're throwing on September 30.  The flyer does not say where the concert will be but it does say that admission is $30.


Now I'll be the first to say I'm ignorant about who the Northwest Hammerskins are and what they stand for but I've got to be honest... it doesn't look good.  Anything that has something to do with hating others or classifying yourself or anyone for that matter as better or superior is not a positive in my book.  I'm raising 5 kids and in this day and age it is so hard to keep them on a positive path.  There's so much negativity and so many pitfalls it seems just about impossible for these kids to get through it all.


Most of the specific information is being kept secret to keep authorities from shutting them down.  The Hammerskins held a concert in Canyon County back in 2012 where the locations was kept secret and law enforcement said there were no incidents.  Hammerskin Nation says this about who they are and what they stand for...

“a leaderless group of men and women who have adopted the White Power Skinhead lifestyle. We are blue collar workers, white collar professionals, college students, entrepreneurs, fathers and mothers.”


Here's video of one of the bands expected in Idaho next month doing a Hammerfest concert last year.