I'm a huge fan of "The Walking Dead." It gets you thinking, if a zombie apocalypse happened here, or even any major disaster struck, where would you go? Where would you hide?


A zombie apocalypse may not be based in reality, but what if war broke out, or even a major natural disaster and you had to leave your home and go somewhere to survive.



Idaho has some great little hideouts! For more places to hide check out onlyinyourstate.com


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    Boise's Underground Capitol Complex

    This room is sealed off with emergency smoke doors. It connects the state capitol with the J.R. Williams Building and the Len B. Jordan Building, and you can only get in if you are an authorized personnel. It might be difficult to get in, but if you can make it through, this room will be great at keeping the zombies out!

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    Owyhee Canyonlands

    There are lots of crevices to hide in here and if you get in a pinch, you can always push a zombie off a cliff!

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    Dworshak Dam

    It's the tallest dam in Idaho and the huge concrete walls would be impossible for zombies to climb!

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    Boise Bomb Shelter

    This shelter can hold multiple families for a long period of time! It's 14,000 square feet, two stories, and has concrete walls. The perfect place to go to keep the zombies out!

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