We have some pretty ritzy cities here in Idaho. Eagle, Coeur d'Alene, and the Sun Valley area are home to gorgeous homes and lots of cash, but which city takes the cake?! This might surprise ya!


GoBankingRates recently conducted a survey of home values in every state all in an effort to determine the "Wealthiest Zip Code."


Here in Idaho it's the small town of...


Victor...Zip Code 83455


Nestled next to the border of Wyoming, Victor is a 5 hour drive from the Treasure Valley.


According to the Idaho Statesman, the average home is priced at just under $350,000. Keep in mind, that's the "average home."


The survey also ranks Idaho as the 11th most affordable housing state in the country, which is not too shabby.


You can hardly even compare the price of the homes in Victor to the most expensive Zip Code in California which is Atherton. The median home price there is $6.1 million! It almost makes Beverly Hills look like the ghetto!


Way to go Victor! You're a little pricey, but posh, and beautiful!