It's not just about the ladies on Valentine's Day!

I may be single this Valentine's Day, but that doesn't mean I can't help you out with some fun ideas for your fella! After all, it's not just about the ladies!


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    I'm sure your guy would much rather eat these pretty bacon roses! They're so easy to make, and if you want to get extra fancy you can dip some of them in chocolate or add some mini booze bottles!

    Check out the tutorial HERE.

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    Boise Brewery Tour

    I mean....duh. This is something that, not only will he love, but, you can get in on it too!! Maybe get several couples together and check out Treasure Valley Breweries like:

    • Boise Brewing Co.

    • County Line Brewing

    • Crooked Fence Brewing

    • Edge Brewing Co.

    • Bella Brewing

    CLICK HERE to book your tour!


    Janet Koelling/ Thinkstock
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    Shaving Kits

    Does your guy have nice full beard? Or is he the shave-every-day type? Either way, I think he'd totally dig a shaving / beard kit this Valentines day.

    If you check out the Boise Town Square Mall, you'll find a place called The Art of Shaving,

    CLICK HERE to check out some of their kits and services!

    Credit - Fuse
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    Food Love

    The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? Well why not get them a heart-shaped pizza? And I'm sure he won't want to eat it you may get a piece too!

    Flying Pie Pizzaria is offering those yummy pies tomorrow. HERE are their Treasure Valley locations.

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    Life is like a box of golf balls...

    If your guy needs a day on the turf, you can switch out the chocolates for golf balls and reserve a day on the green for him and his buddies.

    CLICK HERE for some different golf courses to check out around Idaho.