63-year-old Mike Kingston of Idaho Falls is the only survivor in a boating accident that some are calling not only "freaky" but flat out "haunted".

Kingston was operating the boat Monday afternoon on Ririe Reservoir with 68-year-old Neil Jenkins and his wife 65-year-old Elaine Jenkins of Centerville, Utah.  The boat was completing a sharp turn that ended up ejecting all three passengers into the water.  The boat then seemed to take on a life of it's own and started turning in circles over and over striking all three people.

Witnesses did everything they could to stop the boat but were unsuccessful and put their well-being at risk in the process. The boat didn't stop until it ran out of gas.  That's when medical attention was given.  Both men were transported immediately to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center and Elaine had already died from injuries sustained.  Elaine's husband Neil died later and Mike Kingston is currently in serious condition.