So which house is the scariest house to trick-or-treat at? Without a doubt, many locals would say it's the infamous Murder House in Boise.

I'm not sure if anyone's ever even done this before.  Not knowing the back story of what happened there anyway. The quick version is that on Friday, June 30, 1987 there was the gruesome murder of 21-year-old Preston Murr at his home which is located just off Broadway.

Preston was involved with some kind of argument with two other men and somehow escaped the home, bloodied and battered, got to the front door of the house across the street, pounded on the door for help but his neighbors were too afraid to open it.  The police were called but for some reason it took them way to long to get there.  By the time they showed up, Preson's body had been chopped up into 13 pieces.  A week later part of Preston's body was found 100 miles away in the Brownlee Reservoir.

It's now believed that Preston haunts the house and the legend of his ghost and what happened grows with each decade that passes.  Want to go trick-or-treating at this place? Who lives there now? What the heck are they going to throw into your bag?

A lot of people look into spooky, creepy things to do for Halloween.  I'm thinking this one would be at the top of the list for any kid that has the guts. Tell your kids the story. Tell them about Preston's ghost.  Then drop them off in front of the house after dark and see what happens. Good luck and Happy Halloween!