I've never seen anything like this!! A huge tree branch went through this skiers lip!! Here's how it happened!


29 year old Natty Hagood is a ski instructor at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming.


He was skiing last week as he usual when he "shot the gap" between two trees and was snagged by an 18 inch long branch that went straight through his lip!!


Of course it could have been worse. Hitting a tree while skiing or snowboarding has proven to be deadly. That's what happened to Sunny Bono and although she didn't hit a tree, actress Natasha Richardson died from a hitting her head during a fall on the slopes back in 2009.


Natty has joked that he "got a new piercing" and he says the most painful part was the injections he received to numb the pain before the branch was removed from his lip.


Surprisingly it only took 15 stitches to repair the hole in his bottom lip and he says through his Facebook page that people have donated generously to help him with his medical expenses and he's feeling much better.