Here's how to win this Premium Tim & Faith package for Thursday night.


Tim and Faith Ticket Timer kicks off again tomorrow morning at 7:15 with Rick and Carly.  You get 10 seconds to answer 3 easy questions about Tim and Faith.  Do it, and you win tickets in the first 5 rows, dinner with Rick and Carly at El Tenampa before the show, and a limousine ride in the coolest limo ever from Gentleman Limousines to take you to and from the concert in style.


If you cannot answer the three questions within the 10 second time limit, the Tim and Faith bomb blows up and you're out.  Don't be too sad.  Losers take home tickets to the Boise Music Festival featuring The Band Perry.  So everyone wins!


Rick and Carly have to get a winner every single morning all the way up to the concert.  This means that if there's no winner at 7:15, they'll do it again in the 8 a.m. hour and again in the 9 a.m. hour until they finally get that winner.


4th row tickets go out Monday morning, then 3rd row, etc, etc until Thursday, May 25 when Rick and Carly will give out front row seats to the biggest concert of the year.  Your first shot is always at 7:15 a.m.


Extra clues and actual answers to questions Rick and Carly will be asking will be posted on the Rick and Carly Instagram page.  Hurry up and follow their page to get a huge advantage.  Good luck!