Yes, there's really a pee stain from a kangaroo on our carpet. Yes, we've tried everything. What is life.

A little backstory: A few weeks ago, another show in our building (that will remain unnamed) which just so happens to be on in the mornings on Mix 106 invited some "animal experts" to come to the station about animals on the radio I guess? Anyway, one of the animals they brought just happened to be a kangaroo. Pictured here with Rick & Carly:

Rick & Carly / Townsquare Media

As the animal people were leaving, said kangaroo just so happened to empty its bladder on the carpet right in front of the Wow Country 104.3 studios. Did the animal's handler do anything? Sure didn't. Did the animal's handler help clean up? Sure didn't. Did the animal's handler apologize? Sure didn't.

That's where we're at. There's a month-old stain on the carpet in our hallway, and not cleaning product we've tried can get it out. Pet stain removers galore, and nothing works. This is where you come in. Is there anything on the planet that can get those (informercial voice) "hard to eliminate stains" out of our damn carpet? Let us know on Facebook.

Chris Cruise / Townsquare Media

What's that? What's that you say? Make the animal handler or the other show get it out? Come on now. That would make too much sense. Silly you.