Woah! I don't agree with these findings, but a new study says this city is the worst city to live in in Idaho!


According to a new study by msn.com 




is the Worst City to Live in Idaho. What?!?! We love Nampa!! I feel like its the type of city where people still know each other and they have cool city events like the annual steak fry and parades. I like that you can have a nice chunk of land, housing is affordable, and it gets you out of all the hussle and bussle of the city.


This is msn.com's argument.


They say a big part of the population of Nampa deals with financial stresses. The typical household in Nampa brings in $40,884 a year. This is $14,000 a year less than those who live in Meridian. 17.4% of Nampa's population lives in poverty.


The other factor is crime. There were 351 violent crimes for every 100,000 based on 2015 results. By comparison, there were 216 violent crimes per 100,000 across the state.


Sorry Nampa! We still love ya! Why do you think Nampa is a Great place to live?!