This has been deemed the most dangerous place in Idaho. Do you live nearby?


I've always felt really safe here in Boise. My 8 year old daughter is a total scaredy cat and I'm constantly reassuring her that we live in Idaho where nothing bad ever happens. (O.k. that's an exaggeration, but still I have always felt like we were much safer than other states, people just seem so nice here.) recently conducted a study revealing the "Most Dangerous Places in Every State" and here's what they found for Idaho. It's...




My Dad grew up in Pocatello! I'll be honest, I haven't been there in a good 25 years, but in never seemed dangerous to me!


Here's what they found...


There are 362.9 reported crimes per 100,000 in Pocatello!


I didn't even know they had that many people in Pocatello! (There is. They have a population of 148,178.


The number of violent crimes reported in Pocatello is 2,349


WOW! That's a lot of crime!


Luckily, Pocatello is a far cry from the Treasure Valley, so hopefully we are a little safer here!