Let this serve as a strong warning not to float the Boise River until officials assure it's safe to float. 

We're all anticipating the possibility that this weekend could kick off a much anticipated float season. Heck, I just bought raft, but don't get over zealous and decide to take floating in your own hands.

Around 7 p.m. on Saturday night, three teenage girls between the ages of 15 and 17 were swept into the trees be a strong current near Coriander Lane in Star.

Before they knew it they had been thrown off their raft and found themselves clinging to trees branches. I know firsthand how quickly this can happen. When Rick and I floated the river for the first time, we found ourselves off to the side and into the trees within seconds. Next thing I knew a tree branch caused me to back flip off our raft and I was completely in the water. If Rick hadn't have been there it could have been a very scary situation.

Thank goodness in this scenario someone heard the girls screaming and called 911.

According to KTVB a human chain brought all three girls back to safety.

Officials are still cleaning up very dangerous debris before we can safely float and the river is still running a little too high and fast, so please keep it safe. Floating the river is my very favorite thing to do in  Boise, but it is certainly not worth anyone risking their lives.