Treasure Valley

Contagious Dog Flu Hits Treasure Valley
The flu has been bad this season, but sometimes we forget that it can hit our pets. Contagious dog flu has been confirmed in the Treasure Valley. Here's what you need to know to keep your four legged friend safe and well.
4 New Taco Shops Coming to the Treasure Valley
Oh how I love me some good tacos and I'll be honest I've had a hard time finding a taco I'm fond of the in the Treasure Valley but four new taco shops are popping up very soon. Here's where you can find them.
Boise Wants Your Thoughts on e-Bikes
E-bikes are catching on around the Treasure Valley, and some of them can really zoom. Boise is looking at ways now to make sure these electric bikes are playing nice with pedestrians and other bikes, and they're asking for your thoughts. Like, should faster bikes be kept off The Greenbelt?
Top Rated Treasure Valley Restaurants
I'm a total foodie, and I'm always on the lookout for a great new restaurant. Here are the restaurants in the Treasure Valley that get the best reviews from critics.
Best Treasure Valley Candy Stores
I posted this picture on social media yesterday and everyone was asking "where did you buy the candy cigarettes?" There are actually several Treasure Valley candy stores with nostalgic candy. Here's what they have and where you can find them...

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