4 New Taco Shops Coming to the Treasure Valley
Oh how I love me some good tacos and I'll be honest I've had a hard time finding a taco I'm fond of the in the Treasure Valley but four new taco shops are popping up very soon. Here's where you can find them.
Best Tacos in Boise?
It's National Taco Day!!!! And it's Taco Tuesday.......AND we live in a city with some AMAZING taco joints.  I went to check out El Gallo Giro recently and that place definitely didn't disappoint.  Rick from Rick & Carly also introduced me to Tin Roof tacos not too l…
Greg Hits Up El Gallo Giro
So a friend of mine invited me out to party on 8th Street over the weekend and of course!, one of the best parts of partying downtown on a Saturday night is all the great late night eats you can find.  As I was walking home I stumbled upon El Gallo Giro, and I think I may have found one of my n…