Attn Drivers: If it Doesn’t Dry or Melt Today it will Freeze
After all of yesterday's snow followed by freezing rain and then rain overnight, odds are you've been seeing a lot of puddles, particularly on the roads, in the Treasure Valley.  Luckily, even though today's high is expected to only be a mere 37, we're at least going to stay…
Weather: Tonight & Tomorrow
The Treasure Valley got hit in a lot of different ways today.  Some with lots of snow and others just a bit or even some rain instead.  So what's on tap for tonight and tomorrow?
Are We Getting 1 Or 10 Inches?
Snow hits about 6 this morning and with all the conflicting reports of how much snow we're getting... its left us all asking the question... How Much Are We Getting this time around?
Ontario Declares State of Emergency
Doesn't look like the storms have stopped taking their toll.  Ontario joins Boise, Nampa, Kuna, and other cities that have declared states of emergencies.  The requested declaration was made at 11 am today following the recent weather which officials describe as &qu…
What Happens After the Snow?
So if you were up last night around 1 AM or so, you may have noticed the heavy snow falling in Boise.  Now that we're done with that, what happens now?
Well, as for today it looks like we can expect warmer temps and rain.  While snow will continue in the mountains, it looks like those …

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