Boise Ponds Closed Due to Dangerous Conditions
Due to the unsafe conditions, yesterday the city of Boise indefinitely closed ponds at all city parks.  Any walking or skating is now prohibited.
The move comes after incidents in which dogs have fallen through the pond ice.  So far this season, there have been 5 such incidents resulting in…
Freezing Temps Can Be Deadly for Kids, Pets Left Alone in Cars
Of course in the summer time we know a hot car is no place for a child or one of our four-legged friends.  BUT KEEP IN MIND!!!, cold cars during the freezing weather can be just as dangerous.  Risks of hypothermia as well as serious illness increase for all those who are younger and smalle…
Idaho Ranked 8th Worst Winters in the Country
According to a new list put together by, Idaho has the 8th worst winters in the US!  Is it just me or does that sound a little extreme?  I mean come on, in this list we have worse winters than Ohio, Wyoming, New York (I mean really...
More Snow Coming! Whoah!!
ISP Troopers almost getting hit, record lows in parts of Idaho, and a little boy playing in the snow gets ran over. Add two to three hundred automobile crashes and you've got Idaho in a big mess right now.

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