New All-Time Snow Record for Tamarack
While Snowpocalypse has definitely had its downsides, if you're an avid skier or gotta be loving it this season.  Fresh powder all the time, so much in fact that Tamarack Resort announced that they've broken their all-time record for snow depth...
Gonna be a Wet Week……
Well, I'm guessing by now you already know about the snow we're supposed to get well as the cold temps.
It looks like the light snow showers are gonna continue through the early evening leaving us with SOME snow for tomorrow morning's commute...
More Snow on the Way…..
Sooooooooooo, good news and bad news.  Are you one of those people who when someone says that you want the bad news first?  Well then here ya go: more snow is a comin' to the Treasure Valley. Looks like we'll likely get a few more snow showers tonight and tomorrow morning...
I-84 Shut Down
If you are traveling this afternoon, beware!! I-84 is shut down in a stretch due to blowing snow.
Snow’s Coming Back
All this rain we've been getting will turn into snow tonight.  So what's on tap for tomorrow?
What Our Snowpack Is Like So Far
We've had a ton of snow here in the valley this year but what's going on where it matters?  The mountains.  How much are we going to benefit from all this snow?

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