Caldwell Bank Robbery
The Wells Fargo on East Cleveland Boulevard in Caldwell was hit this morning and this man was found in the "alleged" getaway car with a bag full of money.
Boise Teens Use Snapchat to Set Up Robbery
Snapchat, a social media outlet used primarily by young adults and teenagers has probably never been used to set up robberies before.  That was before these Boise teens took advantage.
Manhunt Is On For This Guy
Ok, maybe the word "manhunt" is a bit too much but the Ada County Sheriff Department wants this guy off our streets... immediately.  Have you seen him?
Man Robbed of Thousands After Posting Online
They say if you're going out of town not to post anything on social media indicating that you're not home.  Unfortunately for Nick Scott of Boise, he became an example of that..........and he didn't even leave town!
Scott went to a Steelheads game last Friday...

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