Stopped Car Hit By Semi on I-84
We've all been there. You have a little car trouble and pull over to the side of the freeway to check things out. That situation turned into a nightmare this morning on I-84 when a stopped car was hit by a semi.
What You Can Expect From The Virus Going Around Town
I'm on day eight. You heard me right, day eight of this nasty virus going around town. I had no idea what I was in for when it hit me last Thursday, but here's how it's played out and what's worked to help curb this terrible cold.
Woman Hoarding Over 60 Cats in Boise Motel Room
Say what?!! This is something you'd see on television, not here in Boise, right?! Wrong! The humane society has a lot more cats these days after one woman was caught hoarding over 60 of them in her Boise hotel room.
Gonorrhea Up 200% in Idaho
It's an issue we really don't like to discuss, but sometimes to keep our kids and our community safe we have to talk about the tough stuff. STD's are skyrocketing in Idaho. Here are the alarming statistics.

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