Mountain Home

Why is I-84 in Mountain Home So Backed Up?
Who was the brilliant mind that came up with doing this project the same weekend Boise State's football team played BYU in Provo, Utah? I've seen all sorts of hashtags on this one.
Dead Body Found in Mountain Home
UPDATE: Woman's dead body was found in the trunk of her car. Very few details were originally released but we know now that the Elmore County Sheriff's Department is treating this as a homicide. Here's the original story...
Homicide in Mountain Home
A woman was found dead this morning at a trailer park in Mountain Home and investigators are calling it a homicide.
500 Of Our Best Men And Women Just Returned Home
Mountain Home Air Force Base may be the happiest place on earth this week.  500 people who've sacrificed their time and energy away from their families, friends, and everything they know just got back from deployment.
Mountain Home Airman Dies
She's one of our own.  She's sacrificed and given all so that we can live free in a country that allows us the freedoms we take for granted every day.

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