Kids Drug Trafficking in Meridian
More than a pound of heroin found on these two after Meridian Police investigate a car crash they were involved in along with a whole lot more and what they intended to do with it may have them locked up for a long time.
Give for YOUR Healthy Kids
Yesterday my cousin gave birth to this BEAUTIFUL baby girl. She's got her whole life ahead of her. Her parents have every reason to dream. Dance recitals, soccer games, graduations, getting married, having her own children one day. Life is BEAUTIFUL until suddenly it isn't for some people.
Rick and Carly’s Kids
Rick and Carly's Kids is designed to give Treasure Valley kids with unique challenges a dream day they'll never forget.  Check out some of the coolest kids on the planet and their journeys.
Canyon County Kids Expo – Pt. 1
Did you stop by the WOW tent to take some funny photos at the Canyon County Kids Expo?  Well, first off thank you so much :) And second off, here are your pics!  Don't see yours? Not to worry, more photo galleries from the Expo are on the way ;)

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