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Girl Talk: Office Romance Gets Messy
Is it ever o.k. to date someone from the office? Emily in Boise is in a pickle with a guy she works with? Should she put and end to this romance at work or move forward?
Girl Talk: Hamburgers in the Bedroom?!
Marilee in Emmett is having some interesting issues with her husband in the bedroom that involves hamburgers and wet willy's! How should she handle this Ladies!?!
Girl Talk: Is He Cheating?!
Katie in Meridian has been snooping and she found a text message in her phone that concerns her. What do you think? Is he cheating and should she admit to peaking in his phone?
Girl Talk: Secret Boyfriend!
This woman in Middleton is going to great lengths to keep her relationship a secret. Here's why she's keeping it a secret and she needs YOU to help her know what to do!
Girl Talk: Job or Boyfriend?!
Kelly in Star is caught between a job she loves and her boyfriend. Which should she choose and how should she handle this situation?
GIRL TALK: Money, Sex, & Lies
McKell in Caldwell is in a bad situation. She desperately needs to keep her job but she has discovered all sorts of lies regarding her boss! What do you think she should do?!!

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