Amazing Seahawks Trick Shots [VIDEO]
My beloved Seahawks (The World Champions by the way, cough-cough) take on Zizly's 49ers tomorrow. As if you didn't know, the boys in blue and lime green have some mad skills.  Here's proof.
This Is About To Become Your New Favorite Song [VIDEO]
Remember that high school football player who gave that amazingly inspirational speech after his game that Alana blogged about the other day?  Well, it was just a matter of time before it was turned into a song through the magic of autotune. And it is AMAZING!
Here’s How The NFL Season Will End
The NFL regular season is a wild ride.  Teams that people dismiss in the preseason end up going to the Super Bowl (cough-cough - my Seahawks) and the ones that are supposed to dominate do stupid things (I'm looking at you Wes "molly" Welker).  With that said, here&ap…