Idaho Pets are Fat and Out-of-Shape
People in Idaho are in pretty good shape generally with low obesity rates and high activity levels, but our pets aren't following that trend.
It looks like we really need to take the dog for a walk more often.
Boise Ponds Closed Due to Dangerous Conditions
Due to the unsafe conditions, yesterday the city of Boise indefinitely closed ponds at all city parks.  Any walking or skating is now prohibited.
The move comes after incidents in which dogs have fallen through the pond ice.  So far this season, there have been 5 such incidents resulting in…
Mountain Lion Kills Dog, Injures Another
For so many of us, our pets are like our kids.  So I can only imagine the owners of two dogs that were attacked by a mountain lion are going through right now.  One of the dogs, a female Australian shepherd was killed and the other, a male yellow Labrador retriever is recovering from his w…
Arena Wiena Extravaganza
We thought we'd highlight some of what you'll be seeing at Rick and Carly's Arena Wiena dog Extravaganza on Thursday.

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