Boise Hawks

New Stadium Coming to Boise?
Could it be? Are we actually gonna get a new multi-purpose stadium in Boise!?! And NO, we're not talking about replacing Albertson's Stadium here.  But according to some sources, the dream of a new stadium in Boise in gaining some momentum and might become a reality soon...
WOW Remote at PFCU
Today, Rich Summers from WOW104.3 was out at Pioneer Federal Credit Union on Fairview in Meridian. We were giving away CD's to the lucky winners of the match game, along with tickets to the Caldwell Rodeo! PFCU was also having a free BBQ and had some of the Boise Hawks Baseball players signing …
Pitcher 1, Bird Zero [VIDEO]
I remember this happening once in the Majors -- Randy Johnson exploded a bird with a pitch once.  But seriously, what are the odds of it happening again?!