Eagle Brewpub Closing
It's one of the Treasure Valley's big three local breweries and now they are closing their doors.
Beer Ice-cream in Boise
Beer, Wine, and Ice-cream! Not a bad combo! A new ice-cream shop in Boise is bringing the best of booze and my favorite dessert!
PICS: Pray For Snow
Were you at Pray for Snow over the weekend?  Pretty tough not to have a good time at an event like that :) Would you like to re-live it a little to help you forget about those Monday blues? Enjoy the pics!
Greg Gets Freaked Out by the HUGE Beers at Prost
So I hit up Prost recently downtown.  It was absolutely fantastic, although I will say that I guess I was a little surprised at the just MASSIVE sized beers that they serve there.  HOWEVER, that is not at all a bad thing.......I mean come on, is a guy really gonna complain about getting to…
Where’s the Best Happy Hour in Boise
If there's one thing I've learned about Boise since moving here, this place is FUN!  It seems like there's always something going on and things to do.  However, some days after work I think we all just want one thing......a good happy hour...

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