Free App Fights Sex Trafficking in Boise
It's a subject we don't often talk about but it's a very real problem right here in Boise. Sex trafficking. Now there is a free app that we all need to download to help stop it.
Why win one pair of concert tickets when you can win every pair of concert tickets? Details on how to win WOW Country 104.3's MEGA TICKET.
Danger Alert in Nampa
Police in Nampa are using a new app to help alert residents to danger and emergency situations in the area.
I Found The Best App EVER
Doesn't it just drive you crazy when you see a rad outfit on Pinterest or some other place and there's just no info on where you can buy it?  Admittedly I am in love with Apps both of the appetizer variety and for my phone.  So, imagine my surprise when I found the best app EVER!