Do you remember those college professors you had? You know, the ones that truly made a difference in your life? Well, what if half-way through a semester, your favorite teacher gets laid off due to budget cuts?

This is the current situation taking place at the Treasure Valley Community College. Seven professors have been laid off due to sufficient coverage for the subject matter already, or for a lack of students interested in the particular areas.

Students were not very happy about the recent decisions, protesting at both the Ontario and Caldwell campuses. TVCC student, Selina Gonzales told KTVB:


“It's not fair. We've got teachers that we love, that teach, that care, and they're not letting them stay, and that's not fair,” said Gonzales.


TVCC President, Dana Young said:

"The College values its instructors [...] But recognizes it must increase enrollment by exploring curriculum and programs that attract a broad range of students." The instructors will be able to finish out the school year, then adjunct professors will take over their classes.