What, where, why, and how?  Are you kidding me?  Snow already in Boise?  It's mid-September right?


There have been multiple sources stating Boise's first snowfall has hit for the season but it's not true.  Yes, it's colder than normal and yes we're getting some moisture, at least these last few days, but NO there has been no snowfall in Boise.


The reports coming in usually are referring to places like Bogus Basin and other mountain areas that are NOT Boise.  Yeah, they're in the Boise area but nothing but a bit of drizzle here in the valley and it looks like we won't have any of the white stuff for some time.  The 5 to 10 day forecast is showing warmer weather with sunshine on the way.  Through the weekend we'll stick with those upper 50's to lower 60's temperatures but next week looks like we're back in action with sunshine and 70's.


So don't let anyone freak you out.  It's not Snowpocalypse again and we have plenty of time to enjoy a nice, comfortable Fall here in Boise.