Did you know you are now not allowed to show a toothy grin on your Idaho Drivers license? Here's why!


According to the Idaho Statesman, state officials are now regulating how we smile.


The reason they don't want you to smile with your teeth showing is that they are about to launch facial recognition software that will help put a stop to identity theft.


The software is supposed to prevent people from getting licenses under different names. I'm not sure why showing your teeth or not matters.


We're not the first state to adopt this policy. Virginia stopped people from smiling on their driver's licenses back in 2009. They repealed the policy in 2015.


Here's what is allowed when you take that picture for your Idaho Drivers License

  • An expressionless face and a pleasant smile
  • A pleasant smile is one with lips upturned and lips closed showing No Teeth
  • No "smirking" allowed