What's going on?

Caldwell Bank Robbery
The Wells Fargo on East Cleveland Boulevard in Caldwell was hit this morning and this man was found in the "alleged" getaway car with a bag full of money.
Mountain Home Schools Shut Down Due to Violent Threat
Pretty scary situation in Mountain Home this morning, but luckily it looks like authorities are taking all of the necessary precautions to keep our students and faculty members safe at area schools after a violent threat.
Tamarack Offering FREE Ski Lessons
I've always wanted to learn to ski, but truthfully, it's a little pricey, so I've been snowplowing down the bunny slope for years. Finally, a program through Tamarack Resort is offering ski lessons for FREE.
Boise Ice-Cream Hot Spot to Open Second Store
I'll never forget being in downtown Boise one weekend and seeing this huge crowd of people around an ice-cream shop. I thought "how in the world does ice-cream attract that many people?" The STIL is known for drawing a crowd, so they've decided to open a second shop.
8-Yr-Old Beckham Becomes WOW 104.3 Superhero
An 8-year-old boy and his family out of Melba, Idaho is getting ready for what will be their very last Christmas together.  Beckham was diagnosed with terminal cancer more than a year ago and was only given a few months to live but he beat the odds...
Amazon Books Store Coming To The Village
Why is that prime spot close to the fountain at The Village in Meridian still empty? Rumor is that Amazon Books will occupy this space but are those rumors true?