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Idaho Boys Flag Picture Goes Viral
Three Idaho boys struggle to take the U.S. flag down and keep it off the ground so one of the boys lays down underneath the flag for protection.
Virtual Kidnapping Scheme Targets Idaho Parents
My hands down, worst nightmare is having one of my kids kidnapped. Not knowing where they are? Are they being hurt? Are they dead or alive? Idaho parents went through the trauma of this nightmare thanks to this virtual kidnapping scheme.
Coffee and Bike Repair Shop Opens in Boise
It's one of the weirdest combinations I've ever heard of, but this company will pour you a gourmet cup of coffee while they work on your bike and it's right here in Boise!
Idaho's Most Popular Baby Names
We often see those lists of the "most popular baby names" around the country. This list is Idaho specific and it's super accurate because it's all from data by the Social Security Administration. Is your babies name on the list?
3 Things Idahoans Hate About Idaho
I'll admit, I never ever saw myself living in Idaho, but now I love it here. In fact, I don't ever want to move... but, there are some things about Idaho that even Idahoans hate!
5 Things You Should Stop Saying to Autism Parents
I've been living with Autism for ten years. It tends to throw you for a loop when you least expect it. A new obsession, bullying, strange fears. As a parent, you just want to have all the hopes and dreams in the world for all of your kids, but your heart sinks when people say stuff like this.
Nampa Couple Dead Was A Murder-Suicide
Over the weekend we reported about two people, a man and a woman who were found dead in a Nampa home.  The identity and at least some of what happened has now been released.  The two people were a married couple, 29-year-old Phillip J. Butler and 27-year-old Kaylynn M...