Be on the look out!!! Boise resident Gentry Yarborough has found himself having to come up with a few thousand dollars that he doesn't have after being conned and the Better Business Bureau is asking everyone to be cautious so they don't wind up being next.

According to a report, a $3700 check was mailed to Yarborough which he was told to fast cash and then buy $3000 worth of prepaid gift cards.  The leftover $700 was supposed to be his to keep.

Yarborough even took the check to his bank who assured him that the funds were verified.  So Yarborough proceeded to buy the gift cards.  However several weeks later the check bounced leaving Yarborough in the hole for the $3700.

Yarborough says, “that is $3,700, I work hard for my money and I live paycheck to paycheck."

The BBB says these kinds of scams occur pretty frequently around the holidays and that prepaid debit cards are practically untraceable.  According to BBB spokesperson Emily Valla, "anytime that you are sent overpayment, a check for more than you expect, it’s a big red flag. Also, anytime you start hearing something about wire transfer or prepaid gift card you know those are untraceable, so that is also a red flag."

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