The truth is, if 13-year-old Mercy Roberts of Emmett, Idaho doesn't have surgery within the next few months her organs may be crushed by her spine which continues to twist and curve.

It's called scoliosis and the surgery needed to allow Mercy to live a somewhat normal life costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Mercy's story hits home for our very own Carly Cash because she too went through this scoliosis journey and had major surgery three years ago.

Credit: Rick and Carly / Townsquare Media

We saw Mercy's story on the news and just had to reach out.  Making her our Rick and Carly's Kid for the month of October.  Mercy's a big fan of contemporary Christian artist Robert Pierre and so we reached out to Robert to see if he could send her a quick message wishing her luck as she flies out to New York for her surgery.  Robert was a class act and sent good wishes, prayers, and even sang her a little song.

Mercy's also a great writer.  She's won all sorts of awards and loves putting pen to paper to tell stories and paint the picture for something beautiful.  The Cabin, which is a cool place here in the Treasure Valley that puts on writing classes, seminars, and camps has graciously stepped up to donate a camp for Mercy to attend and continue to feed her passion of writing.

Credit: Robbie Roberts

Mercy's insurance covers most of the hospital bills but there's still about $100,000 that's not covered by doctors fees because of the advanced surgery she'll undergo in New York.  If you'd like to donate to help pay for this little girl's chance at a normal, healthy life you can do that HERE.

You can check out how we surprised Mercy and her mom, live, on the air below.