Hola! Greg here.  It may seem like just yesterday when the Tilted Kilt was the place standing in this building on Broadway Ave., but in no time a new restaurant called "Tap and Cask" is now up and running so I had to go check it out.  Gotta say, in a city like Boise that prides itself on good eats I was eager to see what this new kid on the block was gonna bring to the table............LITERALLY! (get it? Ya know, restaurant....table,.......uh, nevermind) :P

Anyway all my corny jokes aside, first things first when I go out, it was time to kick things off with a drink.  Gotta say, as a beer guy the place was kinda overwhelming. The beer selection just seemed ENDLESS! Whatever you like on tap, there's a good chance they got it there.  Don't believe me? Just take a look at their list!

Luckily, I had a great server who had some great suggestions and I wound up going with the Mother Earth-SinTax Stout (Nitro).  First step: completed. You're looking at a very happy guy so far :)

Now it's time for an appetizer.  Hmmmmmmmmm, what to get? What to get?  Not the easiest decision just cuz well EVERYTHING sounded good. But, wound up going with the chicken quesadilla and might I say, wise choice on our part...........although who am I kidding, probably couldn't have gone wrong with any of them :P

And now!.......IT WAS TIME FOR THE MAIN EVENT!!! The main course.  Now normally I'll admit, I'm usually pretty boring when it comes to the entre. I'm a big club sandwich/burger guy when I go out.........I know, like I said I'M BORING. And yes, they definitely have a great selection of those if you want them.  But I knew my job was to try out what this place had to offer so I could tell the good people of the Treasure Valley about it, so I decided to test these guys.  I went with their Garlic Mushroom Strip.  Also got some fries with it along with their house fry sauce.  The result? Well see for yourself............

Greg/WOW 104.3

...............let's just say, I straight up DEVOURED that thing.  Steak sauce not necessary, although if you still want it they absolutely got it for you.

Now I wish I could tell you about their desserts, but let's just say after shamelessly grubbing on everything we had so far, my tummy just had no room to spare.  BUT!, the selection did look amazing. Hey, gotta save something for next time right?

So, let's add everything up: great beer selection, awesome appetizers, and a FANTASTIC main course, plus some great looking décor which would make this place great for a date or to take the family to...........

............OH! And almost forgot, their countless amount of TVs hung up pretty much everywhere around the place making it a great place to come and check out a game at.........

..........add everything up and you've got another great place the Treasure Valley can be thrilled to call its own.  DEFINITELY recommend trying this place out.  I can't wait to go back. CHEERS GUYS!

Click HERE for more info on Tap and Cask